About Us

Mark Niedfeldt, M.D. has practiced in the greater Milwaukee area for the last several years in multiple roles. He served in a full-time role as Associate Professor of Family and Community Medicine, Orthopaedic Surgery, and Cell Biology, Neurobiology, and Anatomy at the Medical College of Wisconsin for over 13 years as well as the Associate Director of the Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship program at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

With a desire to offer a different kind of primary care medicine, Dr. Niedfeldt started a Family Medicine/Sports Medicine Practice in Mequon. Through this process, he is transforming the patient-physician relationship by combining top-notch service with his extensive medical knowledge to bring the qualities of an old-fashioned family doctor into the 21st century. His focus on prevention and maintaining an active lifestyle will help you live a longer, healthier life, and his expertise in musculoskeletal medicine will help keep you “in the game”.

About Us

Medical philosophy

Dr. Niedfeldt believes that maintaining an active lifestyle is the key to prevention and is a mandatory ingredient to good health. Combining technology with an in-depth knowledge of each patient helps Dr. Niedfeldt provide his patients with practical medical guidance. Believing that medicine is an art as well as a science, Dr. Niedfeldt emphasizes that much can be done to shape our futures and to live longer, healthier lives.

Dr. Niedfeldt’s practice provides an entirely different approach to medical care. Dr. Niedfeldt is a modern physician offering old-fashioned service and care. The patient experience is always considered first. Dr. Niedfeldt and his staff get to know each patient and work hard to offer a warm, relaxed and friendly environment. Treatment is determined in partnership with the patient only after a careful assessment of the patient’s health needs is completed. Dr. Niedfeldt offers primary care with an eye toward prevention and aging well. This dual approach helps each patient learn lifestyle choices that will support healthy aging.

Dr. Niedfeldt believes that each individual has the power to achieve his or her own health goals. His practical, communicative approach, along with his medical assessment skills, has helped hundreds of patients to be well and stay well. It is this approach that earned Dr. Niedfeldt the honor of being designated as one of the Best Doctors in America (2007-2012).

Style of Care/Medicine

If you’re tired of having limits placed on access to your physician, time to spend with him or her, and by default, your health outcomes, you will be pleasantly surprised by Dr. Niedfeldt’s radically different approach. His practice is designed to allow you both time and access, which opens up the possibility of focusing on how to maintain your health and prevent illness instead of simply treating illnesses or injuries when they occur. This affords you the opportunity to pursue the very best health outcomes and to live a fuller, longer, and more productive life.


Mark Niedfeldt’s practice strives to provide comprehensive, quality medical services to patients who desire a more fulfilling physician-patient relationship. The goal is simple -- put patients first by providing unparalleled access, service and a healthcare experience that is truly five-star.